The purpose of the program is the preservation of the memory of 1500000 victims of Holocaust in Ukraine by collecting an information about the places of mass Jews destruction and burial (further - MJB) in Ukraine and description their nowadays status.
This program pursues researches and descriptions of the sites of Jewish mass burials during the Second World War.
Activities were conducted on the following directions:
1. Archival databases and literature sources about Holocaust in Ukraine were worked out.
2. More than 1000 MJB needed visit and description, were determined on a basis of this research.
3. Program executors and coordinators in the regions of Ukraine were hired. Their main task was to visit and to describe MJB.
4. The MJB passport form was developed.
Archive and computer database (in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access) was created.
6. The main materials about more than 800 MJB were received
7. The Program Coordinators and executors visited MJB and have conducted such works:
8. The mass Jews destruction and burial places in Ukraine during the Holocaust were specified and put on large-scale maps with the help of local inhabitants and authorities.
- Passports of the MJB were made.
- Photostatting of the MJB (where monuments or memory marks were placed and on non-marked places) had been made.
- The memories of Holocaust witnesses were written when it was possible.
- The standard cemetery questionnaires were filled.
Till now only 30-60% MJB had monuments or memorial signs in different regions. More than half of them were placed during the last 10 years. About 20% memorial signs need restoration.