Committee of Repatriation works in Ukraine from 1992. В Украине Комитете по репатриации работает с 1992 года. The professional advisers, experts, psychologists, prepared at seminars in CIS and Israel by the experts of the Israeli ministries and departments work in committee
During 5 years &&& people repatriated from Ukraine to Israel.
Now 50 consultants work in 44 cities of Ukraine for the Committee of Repatriation of Ukraine.
Activities were conducted on the following directions:
1. Individual consultations and collective consultations were carried out.(For example, 11,466 men were addressed for advices to committee in 2000) .
2. Responses to letters.
3. Assistance for repatriates departed by the ship.
4. Consultations and documents' preparations were provided for "Pitsuim" - compensations from Germany. Ready documents were transferred to an Israeli lawyer. Those need it ordered documents from the Red Cross in Moscow about evacuation.
5. Assistance was rendered in Israel for Jewish families through the program Mini-Absorption.
6. Organization of guest visas to Israel was assisted .
7.Assistance with tickets to Israel
8.. On the program "Luggage" .
9. On the program "Airplane".
10. The volunteer program "Sar El" is carried out.
11. Insurance policies were given.