The Institute of Jewish Studies (Kyiv) pursues researches, organizes and holds conferences, seminars, lectures, and exhibitions; publishes books and other printed materials.

Institute’s Main Activities:
  • research projects;
  • organization of conferences, seminars, lectures;
  • collection of archives;
  • publications;
  • organization of artistic exhibitions;
  • bibliographic programs.
Research Projects

Historical–Archival Programs
  • Project "History of Jewish Families", jointly with the scientific research center "CENTROPA" (Austria)
  • Seminars of the Institute of Jewish Studies
  • Old Post Cards Archive
  • An Archive of Fascist Decrees and Anti-Semitic Leaflets
  • An Archive of Jewish Election Posters and Post Cards
  • Film archive of the Institute of Jewish Studies
  • An archive of old Jewish photos
  • Program "ROOTS" (2001-2002) - Jewish History and Culture of Ukraine for Students of Jewish Secondary Schools (on the basis of Jewish secondary school ¹ 299 of Kiev)
  • Jewish Guide School for Hillel
  • Teaching the History of Holocaust in Ukrainian schools (participation in the project of the Center for Jewish Education of Ukraine)
  • Project "Jewish (Yiddish) Authors of Ukraine" of 1862-2002
  • Jewish scientific establishments in the system of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: 1919-1949
  • Project "Study of Documents on Jewish History from the Funds of Kiev Archives"
  • Project "Behavior of the Local Population of Eastern Galychyna during "Final Solution of the Jewish Question"
  • Documents collected by the Jewish Historical and Archeographic Commission (JHAC) from the funds of the Central State History Archive of Ukraine in Kiev /Documents collected by the Jewish Historical and Archeographic Commission (JHAC) from the funds of the Central State History Archive of Ukraine in Kiev/
  • Project "Collection of Jewish Religious Literature"
  • Project "Rabbis and Catholic Priests of Eastern Galychyna During Second World War"
  • Project "Collection of Jewish Religious Literature"
  • Monitoring "Anti-Semitism in the Ukrainian Mass Media"
  • Monitoring "Jewish Topic on Pages of Ukrainian Newspapers"
  • "Revival of Organized Jewish Life in Ukraine 1988-98". (Joint Project with the Center of Jewish Policy of Jerusalem, 1998)
  • Center for Jewish Heritage (CJH)
  • Library of the Institute of Jewish Studies
  • Project "Expedition "In the Footsteps of Semen An-sky"
  • Annual International Scientific Conferences of the Institute of Jewish Studies 1993-2002
  • An archive of unique personal and public documents
  • Club for Clients of the Kiev Hesed "Mnemosina"
  • Project "Preparation of Guidebook "Jewish Addresses of Ukraine"
  • Project "Jewish Religious Communities in Ukraine after the Second World War"
  • Databases of the Institute of Jewish Studies
  • Creation of the «Ukrainian Jewry» Encyclopedia
Programs in Sociology, Demography and Political Science
  • Jewish Fates: Ukraine - 20th Century (Oral Stories and Memories);
  • Monitoring "Anti-Semitism in the Ukrainian Mass Media"
  • Monitoring "Jewish Topic on Pages of Ukrainian Newspapers"
  • Sociological and demographic studies

Art Programs

  • Jewish Artists of Ukraine
  • Project "Collection of Jewish Religious Literature"
  • History of Jewish theatre
  • Jewish masterpieces in museums of Ukraine
  • Community festival of Jewish book /participation of the Institute of Jewish Studies/
  • Mobile exhibitions
  • Project "All-Ukraine Lectures on Jewish History and Culture"
  • Hanukkah Film Festival
  • Virtual museum of Jewish studies www. judaicamuseum. kiev. ua
  • Haggadah project (exhibitions of Judaic arts)

The Institute has published:
  • The literary-sociopolitical almanac «Yehupets» (# 1-10, 1995-2002), editor G. Aronov;
  • Materials of the International Scientific Conference «Jewish History and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe» (1994-1999), editor G. Aronov;
  • Materials of the Jerusalem conference in 1993 on the subject «Ukrainian-Jewish Relations» («Philosophical and Sociological Thought», ## 1-2, 5-6 1994, editor L. Finberg);
  • «Jews and Slavs» v.5, Jerusalem 1996, editors V.Moskovich, L. Finberg, etc.; v.7, editors V.Moskovich, L.Finberg, M. Feller, 2000;
  • S. Ros, «Legal Means of Fight Against Anti-Semitism», editor V. Mindlin, 1996;
  • «The Field of Despair and Hope», editor and compiler R. Korogodsky, 1994;
  • Shimon Markish «Babel and Others», editor L.Finberg, 1996;
  • «New Realities of Ukraine: Ukrainian-Jewish Dialogue», editor L. Finberg, 1997;
  • M.Kalnytsky, «Synagogue of the Kiev Jewish Community. 5656-5756. Historical Review», 1997;
  • Preparatory materials for the popular Encyclopedia «Ukrainian Jewry», third issue-1998, fourth issue-1999, editor Marten Feller;
  • M.Mitsel «Jewish Religious Communities in Ukraine (Kiev, Lvov, 1945-1981)», 1998;
  • A tour map «Jewish Addresses of Kyiv» compiled by M. Kalnytsky, 1999;
  • Zh. Kovba, «Humanity in the Precipice of Hell». Conduct of the Local Population in Western Galitsia during the Years of the Ultimate Solution of the Jewish Problem», 1998; Second edition – 2000;
  • «Collection of the Documents of the Jewish Historical-Archaeographical Commission of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences», compiled by V.Khiterer, 1999;
  • «Only We Survived. Testimonies and Documents», editor and compiler B. Zabarko, 1999;
  • Geliy Aronov. «How I Was…», 2000;
  • Peretz Markish «Narecheny Zaviriukhy», Poems. Translation from Yiddish by V.Bohuslavska, 2000;
  • Joseph Zisels «If Only for Myself…», 2000;
  • «Judeo-Christian dialogue in Ukraine. Short-hand record of a seminar of April 19-20, 2000», editors M.Marinovych, L.Finberg, 2000;
  • Native Voice. Pages of the Russian-Jewish Literature of the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries. Compiler Shimon Markish,2001;
  • V.Skuratovsky «Problem of Authorship of ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’» editor M.Petrovsky, 2001;
  • Jewish Reference Calendar 5760 (1999-2000), 1999; 5761 (2000-2001), 2000.
  • R.Meterlnytsky. «Some Aspects of Jewish Construction in Lutsk», 2001;
  • V.Khiterer, «Documents on the Jewish History in Archives of Kiev (the 16th-20th centuries)», 2001;
  • M.Beregovsky «Jewish folk music-dramatic performance…», compiler E.Beregovskaya, 2001;
  • Guide «Jewish Addresses of Ukraine», editor M.Kalnytsky, 2001;
  • Materials of the VIII International Scientific Conference «Jewish History and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe» 2000,
    editor G. Aronov;
  • "Holocaust in Ukraine: History, Psychology, Ethics". Materials for teaching in universities and high schools. Compiler - T. O. Chaika, 2000;
  • Materials of the 8th International Scientific Conference-2000. "Jewish History and Culture in Countries of Central and East Europe - Ten Years of Jewish National Revival in Post-Soviet Countries: Experience, Problems, Prospects". 2001;
  • Holocaust. Philosophical Implications. Edited by John K. Roth and Michael Berenbaum. 2001.
  • Perets Markish. Selected Works.
    Compiled and translated by V. Boguslavska.

Arts Publications:

  • The llustrated Jewish Calendar for 5757-5758 – 1998-1999. /Jewish Ritual Silver/, 1997;
  • Jewish Calendar 1999-2000. /Jewish Books Graphics/, 1999;
  • Jewish Holiday Leaflets (Passover, Purim, Rosh Hashanah, Simhat-Torah, Hanukah), 1999;
  • Jewish Calendar for 2000-2001. /Modern art-Judaic of Ukraine/, 2000;
  • Jewish Calendar 2000-2001. /Jewish Fairytales/, 2000;
  • Boris Lekar. An Album of Reproductions, 1999;
  • Color one-page calendars for 5761 (2000-2001);
  • A fancy multi-page calendar 5762 (2001-2002) "Jewish Theme in Fine Arts from the Collections of Ukraine's Museums". Project leader - L. Finberg, design by I. Klimova;
  • Color one-page calendars 5762 (2002-2003).

The Institute Is Preparing for Publication:

  • The literary-sociopolitical almanac «Yehupets» # 11;
  • Popular Encyclopedia «Ukrainian Jewry», editor M. Feller;
  • Alexander Kruglov. "The Destruction of the Jewish Population of Ukraine in 1941-1944." Collection of Documents and Materials edited by R. Lenchovsky
  • M.Mandelstam.«The Book of Pogroms in the Russian Empire in 1907-1914»;
  • Perets Markish. Selected Works.
    Compiled and translated by V. Boguslavska;
  • Y. Morozov. Jewish Cinematographers in Ukraine, 1910-1945;
  • Yakov Khonigsman. Jewish Charity in Eastern Galitsia. Editor M. Feller. Jointly with the Institute of Social Community Workers ("Joint", director - B. Zabarko)
  • Zh. Kovba. Rabbis and Greek-Catholic Priests during the Holocaust;
  • S. Moses. Love and Torah (Bible) ,edited by V. Kadenko;
  • Dairy of Rabbi M. Kokhan, edited by Zh. Kovba;
  • Sh. Redlich. Bzhesane-Bzhesane, edited by M. Petrovsky .