The first project of the Center of Jewish Education in Ukraine was developed in spring, 1991, but its creation was removed for two years because of absence of financing. The center was created in 1993 at organizational support of Ministry of education of Ukraine. Now best teachers - methodists work there ; and the main tasks of the Center are: organization and realization of educational seminars for the teachers of the Jewish schools on Hybru , history and tradition, special seminars to holidays; organization of the constant methodical help to Jewish schools, preparation and edition of the educational-methodical literature. The center has library and is equipped with the necessary equipment.
There are 18 full-time Jewish schools, 11 kinder gardens; about 60 Sunday schools and 8 yeshivas work in the Jewish communities of Ukraine.
The activities of the Center for Jewish Education of Ukraine (CJE) developed in the following directions:
1. The Pedagogical College functions in the center where teachers of Jewish subjects are prepared.
2.Presentation and methodical Web -site created.
3.Two editions of methodical book "The skill and inspiration " (circulation - 3000) - methodical grant, which is distributed on the Jewish schools of Ukraine and Russia.
4.The "Lviv Ghetto Diary" of Rabbi David Kakhane was issued in Internet.
5. Festivals of Klezmer music (International seminar on Klezmer art) were carried out on August, 2000 and August, 2001 with the support of the Jewish Communal Development Fund (the USA). There were about 50 participants from Ukraine and Russia.
6.Seminars for history teachers of the Ukrainian schools and for students-historians were conducted on a theme " Teaching the history of the Holocaust at the non-Jewish schools and youth education in the spirit of tolerance ".
7.4 month courses for the future tradition's teachers on the project of the Jewish self-identification "Zeut Jegudit" (for 26 participants and 7 teachers) were organized jointly with "Sochnut -Ukraine".
Preparation for works on the program " Tssad Rishon"(First Step) " will be carried out in nearest piriod. , which assumes rates of lectures and seminars on the Jewish tradition and history at Sunday schools, circles for the adult, facultative rates about modern Israel and Jewish art in light of tradition. The teachers for conducting such works are prepared on the basis of the program " Zeut Jegudit " in cities Kiev, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Lutsk, Rovno, Simferopol, Evpatoria, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Uzhgorod, Novomoskovsk, Brianka, Belgorod - Dniestrovskii.