Torah Scrolls in State Archives of Ukraine


The Belgorod-Dnestrovsky museum of local lore
272300, Odessa region, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, 19, Pushkin Street.
1 Torah scroll


A subsidiary of the State Archive of Zhitomir region
261400 Zhitomir region, Berdichev, 10, Soviet Square
In 1996, a total of 59 Torah scrolls were passed to the State Archive of Zhitomir region, the city of Zhitomir


The Gusyatin museum of local lore
283260 Ternopol region, Gusyatin, 15, Pushkin Street
1 fragment of a Torah scroll


The Dnepropetrovsk Yavornitsky Historical Museum
320600, 16, Karl Marx Street  
1 fragment of a Torah scroll


The Donetsk museum of local lore
340048 Donetsk, 189 a, Chelyuskintsy Street
1 Torah scroll


The State Archive of Zhitomir region
262001 Zhitomir, 20, March 8 Street
274 Torah scrolls (including the 59 Torah scrolls passed in 1996 from the Berdichev subsidiary)


The Zaporozhye museum of local lore
330063 Zaporozhye, 29, Chekisty Street
1 Torah scroll


The Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Kiev
252601 Kiev, 24, Solomenska Street
121 Torah scrolls, 2 scrolls of Megilat Esther (in fund 1269)


The Krasnograd museum of local lore
Kharkov region, 131050 Krasnograd, 55, Zhovtneva Street
1 Torah scroll


The Letychev museum of local lore
281450, Khmelnitsky region, Letychev
1Torah scroll, 1 scroll of Megilat Esther


The Lokhvitsa museum of local lore
315810 Poltava region, Lokhvitsa, 48, Shevchenko Street
Several Torah scrolls


The Volyn museum of local lore
263025, Lutsk, 2, Galan Street
3 Torah scrolls, 10 fragments from 3-4 Torah scrolls


The Scientific Library of the Lvov State University
Lvov, 5, Dragomanov Street
Several Torah scrolls
Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism
290006, Lvov, 1, Stavropigiyska Street
More than 300 fragments of Torah scrolls
The State Archive of Lvov region
290006, 13, Podvalna Street
Several Torah scrolls
The Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Lvov
290008, Lvov, 3-a, Unification Square
Several Torah scrolls


A subsidiary of the State Archive of Chernigov region
251200, Nezhin, 1, Bogushevich Street
4 Torah scrolls, 20-30 fragments of Torah scrolls


The Nikolayev museum of local lore
327001, Nikolayev, 32, Dekabristov Street
24 Torah scrolls and fragments of the Torah


Museum of Rare Books and Manuscripts of the Gorky State Scientific Library
Odessa, 13, Paster Street
2 Torah scrolls


The State Historical Reserve – Museum of local lore
265620, Rovno region, Ostrog, 5, Akademichna Street
50 fragments of Torah scrolls
Library of the Poltava Teachers’ Institute of Korolenko
Poltava, 2, Ostrogradsky Street
5 Torah scrolls


The Rovno Museum of Scientific Atheism (combined with the Museum of Local Lore)
266000, Rovno, 39, Leninska Street
2 Torah scrolls, several fragments of Torah scrolls


The Romny museum of local lore
245900, Romny, 8, Roza Luxemburg Street
1 Torah scroll


The Friendship of Nations Museum
1 Torah scroll


Museum of History of Religion and Atheism
294000, Uzhgorod, 23, Moscow Embankment
4 Torah scrolls


The State Scientific Library of Korolenko
Kharkov, 18, Korolenko Street
8 Torah scrolls
Kharkov Historical Museum
1 Torah scroll
The State Archive of Kharkov region
310003, Kharkov, 7, Moscow Prospect
34 Torah scrolls (some of them have been passed to the Jewish community)


The Khmelnitsky museum of local lore
280000, Khmelnitsky, 16, Gagarin Street
Several Torah scrolls


The Chernovtsy museum of local lore
252001, Chernovtsy, Kobylyanska Street
More than 300 Torah scrolls and fragments


The State Archive of Chernigov region
250006, Chernigov, 2, Frunze Street
8 Torah scrolls (at the “Chernigov Jewish Synagogue” fund)